Additional Services

​Breakthrough Neurofeedback Center offers NeurOptimal® Dynamical® (non-traditional) neurofeedback. NeurOptimal® has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA. The brain is our foundation; the control center for mental, emotional and physical well-being and even potential blocks to our spirituality. Breakthrough Neurofeedback provides solutions that allow each person the opportunity to help their brain, and thus their life, be at peak performance so they can thrive (not just survive)! Most often when we first purchase a computer, it runs swift and fast and efficient, but over time as we use it more and more it starts to get bogged down with the repeated exposure to new programs and information. The brain is no different. Computers are helped by de-frags and so are our brains!

Breakthrough Neurofeedback – Transformational Brain Optimization helps assist clients achieve peak performance, clarity and focus, and a sense of happiness and well-being. Come train, de-stress, optimize brain functioning and performance. Stress and overwhelm can contribute to anger and irritability, sadness and lack of motivation, tension, lack of confidence, nervousness, poor decision making, sleep and memory issues, physical pain, and poor performance in general.

Raquel Younglove, Owner of Breakthrough Neurofeedback, has been helping to optimize brains and lives for 13 years. Clients have come from over 32 states and 3 countries to receive Raquel’s help. Raquel’s experience and training gives her greater knowledge and insight to help guide you through the things you might experience as the brain is integrating.

To learn more about how the services of Breakthrough Neurofeedback can further enhance your progress and success, along with the services of Conflict Resolution, Integrative Wellness, and Strategic Intervention in Relationship Coaching, visit BreakThrough Neurofeedback, or call 888-908-9490. Make sure to ask about special pricing for bundled packages of neurofeedback and coaching.