If you're tired, stressed or depressed - NeurOptimal Neurofeedback can help!

Beneath the surface, we’re all trying to find our way in this world and live up to our personal bests - NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training can help you achieve that best! Sleep struggles, lack of focus or clarity, feeling easily angered and triggered, learning difficulties, trauma, feeling anxious, down or overwhelmed, or just plain feeling off your game for peak performance, we are all trying to do so much and it’s not a straight line. Even if we excel in something we are naturally good at, the performance pressure can get overwhelming and cause anxiousness, stress, fear and worry. Everyday stress and challenges can cause our brain to get stuck and be less flexible and adaptable. Why fight your brain if you don't have to? We strive to eat well, exercise our bodies, but most of us neglect our brains. Do we think neglecting our brain wouldn't have an impact?

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Brain Training assists with achieving peak performance and optimal wellness

Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but for most of us our central nervous system gets knocked off by the challenges of daily life. We lose our ability to be flexible, resilient, and adaptable.

Imagine how great you would feel if your brain could operate at its full potential, without any obstacles in the way. This is what NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Sessions are all about!

NeurOptimal® Brain Training is the game changer to give you the energy, focus, clarity, and ability to organize, prioritize and take action. And for the heartaches, you won’t lose the memory, but it will help you lose the emotional charge that is putting a heaviness on your heart and your life.

Raquel Younglove has been training her brain and providing Brain Training services to clients worldwide since 2005. Her son who was a preemie and as a result had some developmental difficulties has also brain trained since age 3. Evolving with the technology and an expert in the field, Raquel has witnessed first-hand how NeurOptimal® is the most gentle yet powerful brain training system in existence.

NeurOptimal® Dynamical® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal is the cutting-edge, time-tested Brain Training that helps to clear out the clutter and lighten the mental and physical load. It provides a re-set, helping all systems function at peak performance again: back to center, back to clarity, back to your inner strength and power. Life becomes easier to navigate. Clients report more resiliency and flexibility, and an enhanced ability to adapt. The stresses of life don’t stop coming, but they roll off much more easily, won't take you down near as easily, and you will be stronger and clearer about how to move through the challenges and storms that do come.

Boost Brain Processing

Clear Mind. Enhance your memory and focus. Make better decisions with a less reactive and more proactive mindset. Optimize your work capacity under stressful conditions. Enhance Creativity.

Emotional Fitness

Find peace and strength in having a more positive outlook. Become happier overall. Helps manage performance and sports anxiety. Reduced negative self-talk. Brighter, more hopeful outlook.


Experience boosted self-esteem. Enjoy more good days than bad. Feel more certain, comfortable, and calm.


Manage stress and cope with things better by becoming more flexible and resilient. Helps promote personal enrichment. Assistance with a clear mind, which can help you have a healthier perception of events and experiences.

Improved Energy

Watch the organization increase and procrastination drop away. Optimize your ability to take action toward your goals.

Promote healthy sleep habits

Improved mental and physical energy with no crash or jitters. Wake refreshed and experience the power of deep sleep. Reduce emotional reactivity.

Improved Wellness

Experience greater inner strength and ability to meet health and fitness goals for healthier lifestyle habits. Helps promote personal transformation. Being energized and having a clear mind helps meet weight loss goals.


Whether you want to improve your mental health or physical wellbeing, let me guide you. As a professional life mastery coach and strategist, I’d be honored to share your road to recovery, discovery, and health, so let’s take the first step together today. Reach out to me when you’re ready, and I’ll be here to guide you with compassion, clarity, and confidence.

I've been able to maintain an amazing 95% success rate that’s based on the positive and grateful feedback of my beloved clients.

I have more than 15 years of experience and more than 35,000 hours of working with clients. When I say I’ve put in the work as a life mastery strategist, I mean it!

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