365 New Days - 365 New Chances

Raquel Younglove recognized her passions and desires at an early age. Very self-motivated and hardworking, in spite of becoming an emancipated minor at age 17, a broken back at age 15 and a failed back surgery at age 21 (failed fusion and 3 out of 6 broken screws in her lumbar spine that remain 30+ years later), she pursued her passion and dream of owning her own business and serving in the health and wellness industry by becoming an entrepreneur at age 25. To then tackle the next dream pursuit of moving cross country to live in the Rockie Mountains at age 26.

A life filled with abundance of blessings, however, was also intermingled with many side paths that brought about many hard, painful and challenging seasons.

Rising Above in Spite of "What is"

Fortunately, however, Raquel has always had an incessant love for finding solutions and breaking through barriers, searching for the learning in the lessons and desiring to understand herself better so that she could identify why a pattern repeated itself and identify the growth needed to create the life she desired and dreamed of.
In areas of self-care, relationships, communication, conflict resolution, integrative wellness, time management, pursuing dreams and passions, and overcoming "perceived" limitations, Raquel has put it all to the test and found simple, effective, and efficient solutions that leave life thriving and full.

It is Raquel's greatest desire to help others simplify life in ways that are in flow with their true nature and those they are in close relationship with.

Life-Changing Outcomes

With a determined passion to identify how we each get to the places we do, in the great and painful, Raquel's businesses of Breakthrough Neurofeedback and Breaking Barriers Coaching are a culmination of a lifetime of studying human behavior and the brain, incessant research and study, personal experience and tried and true putting it all to the test, topped off with multiple certifications. She lives by the conviction that we are each unique, and what is bliss for one could be a life that is miserable to another. As individuals, we are not one size fits all. Taking the time to deeply understand yourself, others, and the world around you can completely change your life experience. Raquel’s testimonial and her client’s testimonials for over two decades are proof that we can break through what can seem like insurmountable roadblocks and barriers no matter the area. Raquel will help you get reconnected with your core self, and identify solutions and strategies to cultivate an inner world of empowerment and peace, and an outer world finally filled with a sense of safety, hope, balance, fulfillment and excitement.

Certifications and Specialties:​

Raquel Younglove is an Advanced Certified Trainer, Representative and Facilitator for NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. Raquel also holds Certifications through Robbins-Madanes (Tony Robbins) Strategic Intervention as an Advanced Relationship and Passion Patterns Coach; Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching Certifications (IWA); DARe Trauma Solutions Training; Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma (NICABM); and Youth Mental Health 1st Aid. Raquel studied business at Eastern Michigan University.

Practitioner and Partner with:

International Coaching Federation (ICF), Open Path Healing Arts Collective, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), and Mt. Carmel Veteran’s Service

365 New Days - 365 New Chances



Years of Transformational Coaching

Certified Neurofeedback Trainer & Life Mastery Coach

Providing Strategies to Help You Master Every Area of Life

Quality of life comes from living in wholeness, not pouring into one or two areas, and neglecting others. Without care and contribution to all areas, there cannot be wholeness, there cannot be balance. So many solutions in our world today are either exhausting, unsustainable, or so complex and time consuming, so we then begin to neglect other areas of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it is your meal plan, your workouts, your relationships, finances, time for rest and relax, family and friends, or keeping your brain strong and healthy, Breaking Barriers has tried and true processes that allow you to fully invest in all areas of life on a consistent basis.

We never know if we have tomorrow or even the rest of the day. There is tremendous freedom living by the philosophy of “No Regrets!” In relationship, finances, job performance, making home a sanctuary, or taking care of your health today in ways that your future self will thank you for later, wouldn't you love to end each day having fully shown up?

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