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Experienced – Certified – Supportive

Experienced – Certified – Supportive

Latisha Hardy

I’ve been working with Raquel for about 7 months, and the amount of personal development I have experienced is unprecedented. She meets you where you are in life without any judgements, creating a safe space to be truly vulnerable. From there, she will assist in finding solutions you can implement in your personal life to continue living a fulfilling and accomplished life! I am so grateful to have found her! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to produce change in their lives.

Marti Sommer

Raquel has helped our son with neurofeedback and counseling. She has made a big different in our son’s well being. We highly recommend her as a life coach and her neurofeedback sessions have helped our son’s anxiety, depression and sleeping patterns. Thank you Raquel. – Marti S

Integrative Wellness, Conflict Resolution and Strategic Intervention in Relationship Coaching

Breaking Barriers Coaching can help you overcome obstacles and create massive change. Through Breaking Barriers Coaching, Raquel’s goal is to help you more deeply understand your inner self, your needs, and your key relationships. In doing so, life can be radically transformed. Marriage, relationship with your children, parents, and even coworkers can be turned around. In understanding ourselves and what makes us feel, think and respond to events the way we do, we can see new perspectives which can set us free. As a result of these discoveries, we are then finally free from imbalances or past wounds that are no longer serving us, and are able to learn and embrace strategies and conflict resolution skills that can help us move towards what we want and create what we want in a healthy, positive way.

The focus of Breaking Barriers Coaching is to support and assist you in learning skills that will help you to move towards what you want in life. It is possible to effect massive change in our relationships through non-confrontational, loving communication, that provides empathy and understanding to self and loved ones, and offers solutions that honor all.

Integrative Wellness Coaching

One of the things that brings the greatest peace and stability in life is a sense of wholeness and balance.

To look at life from an Integrative Wellness aspect, is to take into consideration the key areas of who we are as individuals; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I will help you look more deeply at these areas and identify where the gaps or imbalances are, and we then work together to identify an action plan to help create the balance and success you desire in all areas.


I know your time is incredibly valuable, but what greater gift can you have in life than mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness and fulfillment? I’m proud of you for taking the first step toward investing in yourself! After all, you are the creator of your life so don’t you want to be at the top of your game?

And, we all know how challenging and complex life is with demands and distractions in every direction. Add to it how complex each and every one of us as individuals are, and trying to navigate intimate relationships, family relationships, understanding ourselves and being able to communicate effectively, parenting challenges, career, goals, dreams…and, oh boy, can it get confusing, overwhelming, unbalanced, and challenging.

Breaking Barriers with Raquel Younglove is based on my desire to help you break through the barriers standing in the way of you living a balanced, fulfilling, vibrant life, inside and out!!! Are there areas that you feel like you are a foreigner in a land that you are constantly struggling to find your way in?

I help my clients gain insight, clarity, understanding. I provide clients with strategies so they can experience balance, connection, success, and passion in all areas of life leaving a beautiful legacy that effects generations to come!

I help my clients understand their inner voice and connect with their true authentic self. I help clients break down the overwhelm and discover new growth opportunities in all areas of life. True progress and health come from accepting all of the parts of ourselves and not trying to deny them or pretend they don’t exist, but acknowledging, accepting and working with who we truly are and with those who we are in relationship with. Our needs can be met, our communication can be more clear, and relationships be transformed. I help my clients identify the deeper sense of their triggers and move towards what they need rather than reacting or interacting in ways that are taking them away from what they really want or need. We explore and re-evaluate core beliefs and patterns that might be standing in their way and no longer serving them in their life and relationships.

Whatever it is for you personally, I know your struggle is real. Let’s break through your barriers!!! Click here to schedule your 1-hour, no-fee discovery session. I would love to connect with you and learn about you and your journey.

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My Journey of always believing, never giving up, and Breaking Barriers


…An unintended PhD in life, endless study, training and Certification specific to helping people help themselves…I am 47 years old and have spent a lifetime experiencing and navigating trials and tribulation, coupled with sheer determination and passion, turned into prayers answered and blessings beyond comprehension.

Enjoying Nature With My Miracle, My Son.

No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what the so-called odds might look like, where there is a will, there is a way! But the source of that way is from within. When we focus on and try to change other people, we lose our power. Our power comes from within us; the solutions are within us; working on ourselves is what makes change happen. One really can have calm within the storms, but it comes from growing within.

I have been so fortunate to have gotten to the depths and found the way in so many areas, and one of my greatest passions is working with clients to learn about their journey, their uniqueness, honoring each individual for who they are and what “their” passions, goals, dreams and wishes are, and what the truth of daily life is also really like for them. Putting that altogether, I work with clients to formulate a plan that is “realistic for their life” so they can begin to take steps every day to build momentum, breaking through the barriers standing in the way of them turning their dreams, goals and wishes into reality.

I have had a lifelong unwavering belief and determination, and my life is proof, that everything we experience along our journey can lead us to healing and wholeness, that we can learn from negative experiences just as well as positive. I have spent my life determined to gain insight into human nature; what makes us tick and what does not; what we can expect from others and what we can only expect from ourselves or our Creator. I have been a guinea pig for far more than I would ever have cared to be, but the solutions have come; effective, efficient and simplified (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually); not complex, daunting, unrealistic and overwhelming information that takes so much detail that it cannot be sustained by the vast majority of us (or if one actually does, then something else becomes out of balance because the other area takes so much excessive effort to maintain).

I would love the opportunity to help you move past your hurts, traumas, and barriers, and realize and put to action your limitless potential in being the change you want to see in the world!

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” VINCENT VAN GOGH

Colorado Springs, Colorado