What My Clients Are Saying

Life changing process! Healing in brain neuro and life coaching. Raquel is gifted!

Client: PG

Phenomenal opportunity to experience deep and comprehensive healing.

Client: JS

I wish there were more than 5 stars. How can one only give 5 stars to a woman who has truly changed our lives!!! Our young adult son has been working with Raquel for several months now. We started with Neurofeedback sessions and next added coaching.

The Neuro sessions helped my son make corrections to his sleep patterns, helped with his concentration, and allowed him to keep his anxiety under control. He is no longer in need of anti-depressants to manage this. He is getting regular sleep without melatonin and is no longer suffering from panic attacks. He also has ADHD and I swear this has also helped with this. He is back in college and excelling! His brain is being retrained to stay on task and organized. He still gets anxious but can manage it.

The coaching is a blessing from above. Raquel has a way of uniquely reading you, the room and the situation. She is higher qualified in what she does. Her compassion to help others is like no other. Our son started with 2-3 sessions a week with her. And he is now at 1 a week. He has grown leaps and bounds in just a few months. He trusts her and she is so good at showing him different perspectives that he may not have seen before. The confidence he has added is so wonderful. He says she is easy to talk to and understand. She has also worked with us as parents to better equip us. Taught us to step back, have patience, and “plant a seed and let it grow” as she would say. As a mom it’s hard to watch your child struggle and she has allowed me peace of mind. She is a busy woman but has made herself available when we had bad moments and needed guidance.

I have never met anyone like her. Her willingness to do whatever it takes to help is beyond any other professional I have ever worked with. I love her spirit and faith as well. I love that she can roll that into her coaching. WORTH EVERY PENNY WE HAVE SPENT!

Client: AO

Let me just start by saying this… neurofeedback has changed my life. Quite literally. I am truly not the same person that I was before I started. I’ve done roughly 50-60 sessions over the past couple of years with two different people and I can say that it works wonders. Before I started neurofeedback, I had a very difficult time articulating my words and organizing my thoughts. I also had a difficult time being assertive because I was afraid of letting other people down. After neuroptimal, this is no longer a problem. I no longer feel like I have any emotional blocks that prevent me from setting boundaries with people in my life and all my thoughts flow fluently without hindrance. I feel free at last. Free from myself and my past traumas. Every situation that used to get an emotional response out of me is no longer an issue and I feel like I’m operating at full capacity most of the time which is a huge change from how I used to operate. At this point, I have a very easy time identifying unhealthy thought patterns and habits which allows me to make changes when necessary. Before neuroptimal, I was nearly incapable of doing this.

Raquel has been incredibly supportive and understanding of everything that I’ve been going through and she makes the sessions go by with ease. I feel like she is easy to trust, and she always has amazing feedback to offer me. I highly recommend neuroptimal and Raquel to anyone who is thinking about making some serious changes in their life.

Client: KT

Raquel has helped our son with Neurofeedback and Counseling. She has made a big difference in our son’s well-being! We highly recommend her as a life coach and her Neurofeedback sessions, have helped our son’s anxiety, depression and sleeping patterns. Thank you, Raquel.

Client: MS

Thank you, Raquel, for your continued professionalism combined with your caring and loving ways. You reach so many people in so many ways addressing their unique, individual needs, empowering them and reinforcing their self-worth.

Everyone has struggles and difficulties now and then but, when the struggles become too overwhelming, it is important to seek help and support whether it is for yourself or a loved one.

Raquel has a unique way of helping people by utilizing the Central Nervous System which, of course, includes the Brain. Raquel uses this approach since the brain learns and develops a habitual way of behaving due to experiences in our lives.

Through Neurofeedback Training, the brain has a chance to “rewire” and “heal” from traumatic experiences.

In conjunction with the Neurofeedback Training, Raquel’s Breaking Barriers Coaching complements her client’s healing of developing a NEW MINDSET with NEW RESULTS.

I highly recommend Raquel Younglove’s healing approach and technique to bring about life changing results. If you want professionalism, trust, hope and results, call Raquel and she will be there for you!

Client: AS (Navy Veteran)

Raquel has given our family hope and guidance in the most critical time of our 16-year-old son’s life. Without her assistance I truly believe our family’s outcome would have been devastating and/or tragic.

Thank you, Raquel, for speaking life into my son’s life.

Client: LK

Raquel has changed my life for the better. Suffering from a TBI after a horrible accident and a past with drug addiction. This accident threw me in a mental and emotional chaos in which I am being extremely depressed and anxious. I wasn’t eating regularly or right. I couldn’t eat much. My bowel movements weren’t great either. 20 sessions later, once a week, I’m a new person. Each time I hit a setback, something I think hurts my brain, feel depressed or hopeless, I just go in for a tune up and I’m good as new.

I strongly believe in what this wonderful woman does! WHAT SHE DOES WORKS! If you follow her instruction… Best of luck! Much love and light.

Client: SS

Raquel is absolutely amazing! She has a gift for what she does and even more for the people she helps.

Neurofeedback therapy has been so helpful to my life struggles with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed; it has calmed me and helped so much with thinking clearer.

Raquel’s gift of coaching is also amazing; she has the gift of seeing things in such a great way and making sense of the steps to get your life to where it needs to be. I feel so grateful I found her.

Client: AH

I’ve been working with Raquel for about 7 months, and the amount of personal development I have experienced is unprecedented. She meets you where you are in life without any judgements, creating a safe space to be truly vulnerable. From there, she will assist in finding solutions you can implement in your personal life to continue living a fulfilling and accomplished life!

I am so grateful to have found her! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to produce change in their lives.

Client: LH

I must admit I was skeptical when a friend told me about his results with brain training. I located Raquel who happens to be one of the best in the world. I am a psychologist, author and media guest so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, my eyesight improved dramatically, I can read fine print again. My sleep improved significantly, now I sleep a full eight hours, which I have never done before. I seem more organized and I haven’t had refined sugar since my first day with Raquel, that’s a miracle.

I highly recommend Raquel to anyone who wants to improve their brain and their life.

Client: D Weiss, PHD

I have learned deeply that life is truly a journey and not a destination. In my recovery journey from post-traumatic stress and the almost insurmountable difficulties my entire life; I discovered Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) and Raquel Younglove. In 2008, I reached the pentacle of suffering and knew that I must change course or my difficulties would inevitably cause my early death. In my mind, life was so dreadful I began welcoming death. I began several therapies and the arduous struggle associated with changing 40 years of lifestyle. I had improved and had returned from the brink but I continued to suffer from frequent bouts of feeling sad and down and my mind continued to harbor thoughts of war and abuse. Within, I knew there was a way for me to make a final push to get my life on, what a person perceives as, a “normal” life.

I began my search and had contacted other organizations associated with brain training but did not get the honest and caring responses that I received from Raquel Younglove. As soon as I contacted her, it was obvious that she not only provided means for healing, she was truly compassionate and deeply cared about those with whom she associated (her clients). I flew from my temporary home in Europe to Colorado and I actualized my new journey of healing. Due to my state, I arranged for two five-day sessions with a three-week break between them. Afterward, the change was, for lack of better words, amazing. IT WORKED!! I had finally been put on a path of contentment and peace. After all I had been through, I was actually experiencing a sense of peace and my thoughts were ones of a positive nature instead of violence, anger, hate, revenge and death. I regained my ability to love and experience a deep compassion. To this day, I have not had one episode of feeling sad and down and I am thinking clearly instead of constantly looking through a haze that caused my mind to see a blurred interpretation of life. Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) gave me the tools/ability to cope with daily events and those individuals a person perceives as antagonistic/negative. I can actually go to a social event and enjoy myself!

Lastly, I must add this; I believe in my heart that the success I have experienced is also due to Raquel Younglove. Raquel’s kind and loving thoughts, words and actions are true and come from a depth within her spirit that just can’t be explained with words. She has a personal loving touch that goes beyond the norm. In summation; for me brain training and Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) worked. I’m positive that it can work for others no matter what their goal is. However, to “optimize” the opportunity, a person must have a desire and be ready for change. A person needs to be open, listen, learn and possibly go through a lifestyle change (walk a different path of life). It’s worth it……..it is a new peaceful dimension; a continuing journey of constant growth that will go on until the light goes out.

Client: RG

Hi. I wanted to report that my well-being is improved since I started; I no longer get very mad or have out bursts when things that usually bother me happen; now, I let it roll off my shoulders. My road rage, is simmered down. My pain levels have also gone down; I still have pain, but it’s even more manageable. Raquel’s training for me, gave me peace in my mind, and slowed my mind down to a relaxing state. After sessions, I feel refreshed and tend to have more energy afterwards. I become more focused and my mind can be more clear when thinking about what I like to do. The training improved my personality, and I definitely felt a change with my mind and body.

I recommend her training to other veterans who also suffer for I believe it has helped me, and do believe it would help others as well, Thank you.

Client: CET

Dear Raquel,

I wanted to take a minute and send you a thank you! Thank you for your neurofeedback services! My son, S. D. has had some struggles since the age of 2. We moved from another state here to Colorado Springs when he turned 6. We were quite nervous to be leaving our support network, his friends, and his school and creating such a big change. At first he was handling the new environment well, but as school started we could tell he was getting more anxious. He started having difficulty making little decisions, like what to eat for breakfast, which was unlike him. He was getting more and more difficult for his teacher and we could tell he was struggling. He wasn’t sleeping very well either.

I am happy to say after the 10 neurofeedback sessions we got our son, S. D., is back, my mom heart is very happy! Thank you for providing such a caring and calm environment to support him! His sense of calm is improved dramatically. He is laughing more and is calmer. His decision making got easier, and his executive functioning skills improved. He became excited to go to school and his behaviors improved tremendously. He is also sleeping very well. I am crying happy tears just thinking how far he has come in such short amount of time, thanks to you! I would highly recommend neurofeedback and your services!

Thank you for everything!

Client: SD’s Mom

I have recently completed the regimen for vets, for Dynamical® Neurofeedback with Raquel Younglove at Breakthrough Neurofeedback. This treatment I will recommend to anyone. It has been extremely beneficial not only for myself as the client, but also for my spouse, whom has had to deal with all of this.

Upon completion, not only did I notice a marked difference afterwards, but it was also noticed that while I was undergoing treatment, there were differences in my actions/reactions by others. As I completed the sessions, it was observed by myself and others that these ailments were improving: I was becoming less hypervigilant, falling asleep easier/earlier (my insomnia is affecting me less), decreased sinus issues, less reactivity, decreased racing thoughts, improved focus (I have trouble focusing while reading, which I love to do), and overall becoming more even-keeled in my moods.

This training is one that I myself have had success with, not only by my observation, but also noticed by others as well. I have and will continue to recommend this to anyone. I also believe that this process will be especially beneficial to fellow veterans, and would push that not only WW promote it, but for the VA to adopt it as well.

Thanks, Raquel!

Client: BDU

Hi Raquel,

You have been on my mind so much lately, hope all is well with you. You know how various scheduled yearly events remind us to think back to how it was during those events in years before? We just had our Colorado State Fair Cashmere Goat Show, which is held every Saturday of Labor Day weekend. It got me to remember back to previous State Fairs and how it was for me.

I am flooded with gratitude for you and your brain optimization work, the difference in me and the quality of my life is measurable. I am enjoying happiness and healthiness I never dreamed possible: still effortlessly sober, which in itself is an amazing feat; minimal aches and pains; satisfyingly high energy levels; sufficient mental clarity to deal with complex situations. And, recalling my first sessions with you still brings me a chuckle.


Hi Raquel,

You and your amazing work have been on my mind so much the last couple of months, in exactly 3 weeks from today I will have been sober for 3 years!!!!! I am forever grateful for this gift. It would be wonderful to add another 10 sessions to my happy self.


Hi Raquel,

You have been so much in my mind this last week, as I celebrate my fourth year of sobriety. Myself so grateful for you and brain optimization.


Client: ANN

One morning I left the house and went to one of my networking events. That morning like MANY mornings I was at the point of tears because my morning were never fun. A normal morning in my house was waking my youngest son up at 6:15 in the morning to start getting ready for his day. His brother would get up at 6:45 am and be up stairs dressed, fed and ready to brush his hair and my younger son was barley upstairs eating. We would constantly have to remind him to eat and tell him what he needed to do next. We tried lists, candy, money and any other thing we could think of to get him motivated. NOTHING worked. On top of that you would ask him to do something like go get you r backpack and three steps from where he was he was distracted. That would only send my husband and I over the edge. I mean he has had to do the same thing every day before school now for 3 years, this should be routine right? Well I was tired of the yelling and the threatening and punishing it became pure hell to get up in the morning. I hated being with my family in the morning… what kind of Mom was I? What Mom thinks about living somewhere else just so they don’t have to deal with the mornings. I just didn’t know how to help my son get focused. It wasn’t like he was ADD or ADHD, and if he was I didn’t want to medicate him and make him a zombie…

On one of those days I left the house and went to my networking meeting and the ladies could see my dismay and despair. I spoke to Raquel and she said to come see her she is sure there was something she could do. At this point there was nothing I wouldn’t do, there was nothing I wouldn’t pay to love being with my family and making the start of their day positive. So I set up a time.

We are very impressed with the results and I can’t tell you just how much I love my family again! The mornings are so peaceful and fun at the same time. We have time to play with each other and I never would have thought this was possible. I am glad that I was able to give my son his life back to him and let him gain control. He seems to be much happier, he engages in conversations more and he is able to read a book and sit at the same time.

All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you! You have brought peace and harmony to my son’s brain but also to my family and there is no price value you can place on that. Thank you!

Thanks for all you did!

Client: PS’s Mom

My name is Andrew Brown and I am here as a testament to the success of brain training. Without this process, my post-traumatic stress would have continued to spiral out of control and would have destroyed my marriage, my family and friends but most of all myself.

I spent my first tour of duty in Iraq from 2003 to 2004 spending the majority of my time in the middle of nowhere building livable conditions for the infantry as well as providing our own security. As soon as an area was livable, we moved on to the next place. In September of 2003, I was at a small camp, building an entertainment center for a couple infantry guys and a 120mm mortar landed 60 feet or so behind me, exploding, killing 2 EPW’s, injuring 1 soldier and throwing me to the ground with a superficial piece of shrapnel hitting my right butt cheek. I couldn’t hear for 4 hours. I got lucky… looking at the wall in front of where I was standing, there were 1 to 3 inch diameter holes in the concrete wall all around where I was standing. By all rights it should have killed me.

My second tour was I guess a little mellower. I spent 2008 to 2009 in Afghanistan. I spent most of my time in the middle of nowhere in the north half of Afghanistan preforming quality control inspections on local national built projects. There was minimal to moderate in-coming mortars with the occasional direct fire. Near the end of that tour I was moved down to Kandahar and did anything from quality control to contract representative to helping survey in a mine field.

When I returned home, I had been married for 1 year (most of which was spent deployed) and now was trying to get back to real life. I never had experience with kids before and found integrating into a family, having a new wife and 3 kids to be a real challenge. My post-traumatic stress progressively went downhill. I was angry all the time. I was frustrated because I didn’t believe anything was wrong with me, it was everyone else. I was drinking (3) 1.75 liter bottles of rum a week and going out to bars on top of that. I wasn’t sleeping and was even having black outs.

After several months of this and a lot of convincing, I finally sought help for my post-traumatic stress. I tried everything I could find to get help. I started with traditional therapy then moved on to EMDR, and ended up on medications. Some things only helped a little and some not at all. This continued for the next 3 years. Long story short on this part, I almost ended up losing everything, even one step away from my life. I had nothing left to lose. I needed help and was willing to try anything.

I completed brain training 18 months ago and it’s given me my life back. For this I have to thank Raquel Younglove at Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) for her dedication, my wife for finding this amazing training and for standing by my side throughout all of this and my family and friends for their support. Thank you will never be enough for all these people.

I am here to assure all that know us that there is hope… it can get better… you don’t have to give up! It is not a “cure”, it is a remedy. It will allow you to be able to deal with “you” again. Feel like “you” again. It takes a little time, a small effort on “your” part, but it can be done… and it’s worth it!

Client: AB

Why did you first come to Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”)? I felt as though my brain was working against me rather than for me. In order to feel “balanced,” I was drinking alcohol on a daily basis. From as little as a glass or two of wine to a half dozen beers sometimes accompanied by a few shots of liquor. I thought this would help my insomnia, but this was not the case. In general, my health was in decline.

How has Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) helped you? I no longer crave alcohol or recreational drugs to put me in the “right frame of mind.” I feel as though my brain is now working for me rather than against me. I’m losing weight without dieting, sleeping better and feeling better. Looking back, I can see how self-destructive I was becoming. People have told me I even look better. Even more impressive, I only finished Raquel’s program two weeks ago!

You touched my life and made it richer. Bless You,

Client: RB

When I first started brain training with Raquel Younglove in Colorado Springs, CO I knew it would help me. I could tell the compassion Raquel had for me and I knew what she was doing was something special. I took 10 2-hour sessions, all together and by the 4th session I was seeing some improvement in my behaviors, thoughts and focus. I was learning many things about myself that I never thought I could fix; for example, I knew I did not really have bipolar and I overcame thinking that I had that disease; also improvement in feeling down, anxiousness and stress. I want to thank Raquel for showing me that I did have some trauma to my brain, and it could be fixed by doing the right things and dealing with situations in the right ways. During my sessions, I was able to release everything that I had kept in my head, and my thoughts turned into being positive instead of negative. I had so much anxiousness that I was surprised it was gone after my sessions, and I am confident it will never come back, even with this move my husband and I have to do again in March 2013. I am still working on my diet, maybe sometime I will get it right; no sugar is hard but I have cut back for sure. I would love to do 10 more sessions even today!

It’s been 4 months, almost 5, and I will always talk highly about the brain training experience I had with Raquel Younglove!

Client: AW

I came for brain training because I was already at, what felt like, rock bottom and still digging deeper. I suffered from anxiousness and obsessive thoughts. I was having panic moments like 3-5 times a day. My doctor prescribed anti-depressants. I didn’t like taking the mind altering drugs to “fix” the problem because they turned me into a zombie. On the outside I seemed fine, but I was still freaking out inside my head. My anxiousness started when my best friend was murdered at age 18 in 2005. I became very paranoid, constantly worrying about my safety and the safety of those I loved. I would obsess over the worst case scenario, and have like 2-3 plans of how to escape them. I was becoming what I thought was crazy. It got worse in 2007 when my husband and I were in a very bad car wreck. I was asleep when the wreck happened, so naturally I never fell asleep in a car again. I realized how big of a problem this was when I joined our church youth group on a trip to Florida, and stayed awake for 32 hours!

I was so happy and excited when I discovered brain training, because it was not another pill, it was a cure! It was the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. The testimonies I read gave me hope that I didn’t have to be this way for the rest of my life! My husband and I signed up together almost immediately.

The sessions were very comfortable. The rooms were dimly lit, and the chairs made you feel like you were floating on air. After the sessions, we would go eat a meal high in animal protein, drink lots of water, and then we would go for a walk. The area had plenty of activities! We would take a walk at the Garden of the Gods, the zoo, or just around the adorable little town of Manitou Springs. I began to test myself after the fourth session. I was feeling really good, and brave for once. I knew at the zoo they had a ski lift (which I NEVER do), so we went straight there and I rode the ski lift! I didn’t have any anxiousness leading up to the ski lift or getting on the ski lift, or once we were on! I had a blast! I was even leaning over the bar to point and look at things! It was unreal! In the past I was terrified that one movement would have made the ski lift fall from the rope to the rocky cliffs below. That thought did not cross my mind once! This was huge for me!! The next night, we went to the cave of winds. We had been in Colorado Springs just 2 months prior and I couldn’t even make it past the entrance. This time, I made it past the entrance and through the entire cave without once having the slightest feeling of anxiousness! I was enjoying it so much that I took pictures the whole time! The last time I was at this cave I had a massive panic attack at the entrance and started to hyperventilate! The whole time I was terrified I would be buried alive in this thing! This time was amazing! By the time we were finished with all 10 sessions I felt like a new person!! I continue to feel this good everyday! My mind is not running 90 miles a second anymore, and my anxiousness is gone!

I can’t thank Raquel and her team enough for the wonderful deed they have done in my life!

Client: CC

At yet another point of desperation in my journey to health, I believe God led me to Raquel at Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) through a friend. I’ve struggled for over 3 years with many physical health issues and particularly anxiousness in the last 2 years. Stress and anxiousness got the best of me this summer and my heart rate was consistently high and I was short of breath and not able to sleep more than a few hours every night. It was humbling to admit that possibly some of my physical health issues were due to my brain-my thoughts, my attitude, my mind.

I didn’t know just how emotional the week was going to be when I started but I had many moments of crying and learning to release sorrows, loss and control. I feel after 10 sessions that so much good has been started, a foundation laid. Now it’s up to me to depend on God to continue helping me grow and become stronger. I have a wonderful amazing husband that has supported me every day and finally we’ve walked through something that he consistently says he sees a change! Praise God! He is the ultimate healer but God has used the brain training to do what I was not able to do on my own. I have many areas of growth to walk through and I’d love to have another turn in the chair but my anxiousness is near gone most days, I typically sleep very well, for the first time in almost 17 years, I don’t have nightmares of losing loved ones and if my mind tries to go there, I’ve been given the tools to grab onto that new waive of the brain that knows truth from fantasy anxieties. I feel I can finally approach life and feel hopeful again!

My journey has been long, it’s been long for my husband and those beside me but through it all we pray we may have something to share. This, is worth sharing! Thank you Raquel and staff for allowing God to use you in this manner, may you be blessed!

Client: SF

I heard about the optimization through a friend of mine. I’ll admit I was skeptical, until I saw firsthand the results. As soon as I could, I made an appointment. I have many things wrong with me. Including, confidence, self esteem, obsessive thinking, anxiousness, chaotic mind, short temper and not being able to sleep. I used to only get about 2-3 hours of sleep a night.

After the first/second session, I have been able to fall asleep, almost as fast as my husband, which, in of itself, is amazing. After the third/fourth sessions, my brain calmed down. And by the sixth session, it was so quiet in my brain it was odd. I still wonder if this is how *normal* people’s brains are. This part feeds in to most of my problems. I sleep better because I am not constantly making lists, or worrying. I don’t have anxiousness because I’m not constantly going over situations. I no longer obsess over things I said or did/didn’t do, which has also boosted my self esteem. I also don’t feel so stressed out all day from all the things going on in my brain, which has helped my temper. My throat no longer clinches when I have to speak publicly and I no longer worry if I am going to say the wrong thing, or an idiotic thing.

Everything this process has done for me has made a tremendous impact on my life, my marriage and my parenting. I highly recommend having it done. Everything is still you, you still have the same thought process, and feelings about situations, it just helps you process things the right way.

Client: KJ

My reason for having brain training was to find help for my dizziness, balance and low energy that I was experiencing after recovering from Ecoli in Nov. of 2011. No tests in the medical field or any therapy that I had were of any help to me. Raquel was referred to me by relatives in Colorado Springs who had experienced great success with their various health problems since we were vacationing in Colorado Springs in Sept.

I had the sessions and have experienced great improvement in my energy level, my balance and dizziness!!! As long as I continue to eat protein to” feed my brain” many times a day, I’m not aware of my dizziness!! What an easy solution to feeling good again by eating protein, drinking water but first by having this non-evasive therapy!!! I highly recommend this to any one who needs help in this area!!!!

Client: PR

I came to brain training after a slip on the ice and a bad bump on the head. Once my body and head healed I expected to get my ‘wits’ about me quickly too. Not the case. In fact I’ve never been so fuddled, confused, forgetful, absentminded, unorganized in my life. I could see it was a problem, but couldn’t get out of the mess to help myself heal. I began to wonder if this was the ‘new’ me?!

Then my chiropractor recommended Raquel and her brain work for my confusion. I was ready to try anything at this point and signed up. My first indication that things were shifting was my mood. I was SO MUCH happier than I’d been even BEFORE my fall. Then I realized how good I felt in my body. Aches and pains I had learned to live with disappeared. Then I slowly saw the difference in my organization skills. I could FINALLY attack my desk and actually do something with the piles rather than just shuffle them from one side to another. 3 months later and I’ve really made good progress. Being in sales means I have to be at the top of my game to make any money. I’m making phone calls, hitting all my appointments, remembering who I’d send what to, enjoying talking to new people and have seriously increased my commission checks each month.

Thank you Raquel and brain training. I’ve already started to send my family for the work as well!

Client: LL

Hi Raquel, just a few words to congratulate you on Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) program. I have achieved some of my goals to date and feel confident that the others are in process. It is difficult to explain the subtleties of the program; however, I must admit that I have more confidence and am able to generate thoughts and ideas more easily than before. Friends have noticed that I confidently contribute to conversations rather than let the conversation pass me by.

I also feel strength in myself that was not present before. The fight or flight response is certainly more fight. I am not a victim of circumstance anymore.

I am once again feeling the courage and high self-esteem that comes with creativity. Sometimes it’s like a high, I can do anything I WANT.

My feelings sadness and or feeling down have improved greatly. I have very few moments that I would say that I was sad and if I am experiencing sadness, it’s certainly for shorter periods of time.

My sleep has improved also. I have experienced several nights of uninterrupted sleep, gaining 4-6 hours rather than the 2 hours which had been the norm.

I believe that my anxiousness and calm have also improved; I can see that in the absolute confidence that I have about managing anything that may come along. This has been the greatest gift of the program. I feel like a member of the human race. I have thoughts and ideas that I am able to verbalize with defined clarity.

Thank you so much for your kind and gentle approach. I felt safe with you as I went through the program and I believe that helped create the atmosphere for a successful experience.

Client: RJ

As a 50-year-old woman who has struggled with many effects from being sexually abused as a child, the abuse was so traumatic that I have suffered from dissociation, switching into old emotions from many triggers and suicidal thoughts. I’ve had many years of therapy and have learned much, however, the everyday triggers from being married continued to send me into emotional spirals. I decided to try the brain training to see if it might help me with being better able to handle emotional states once I was triggered.

After the third day I started noticing that I was feeling more upbeat about life. I was able to have a conversation with my husband without being sent into an emotional spiral when he brought up a difficult subject. It has been four weeks since the sessions were completed and I am still able to have calmer conversations as well as being able to feel an intense emotion start and then have it dissipate after a few seconds. This is really helpful as I continue with my healing from sexual abuse in that I am able to do the work required without being drawn back so deep emotionally that it drains me.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants some extra help in overcoming a particular mental or emotional challenge.

Client: MB

My life has been described as being colorful, much like everyone else’s; there have been extremely good times and some extremely bad times. Although I was receiving counseling for past emotional and physical trauma and had many tools to work with in difficult times, there were still some things I could not let go of. Actually, I felt those things would not let go of me. I needed to focus and take things one step at a time, but I still felt I was not being efficient and being distracted often. Because of the distractions and the inability to stay focused, mistakes happened. I was unable to process and make up my mind causing doubt and sometimes pain from my decisions.

I have come along with the right counseling and brain training enhanced my functional and healthy thought processes. I feel that things are not in such a crisis as before. Unforeseeable events take place in everyone’s life and decisions have to be made. Brain training allows me to use my tools so that I can make more focused and conscious choices in my life and be happy.

Thank You,

Client: RE

Malachi has made so many improvements since he first did brain training. I remember when we first meet. He immediately felt comfortable. He climbed into your chair and sat down ready to work. This was beyond our expectations for Malachi as he didn’t even like to sit for any length of time. He was constantly on the move. With each consecutive session, he knew where he was supposed to go. During the sessions, He did have difficulty with closing his eyes or doing the mental activities he was instructed to do, but by the end of the second session, he was able to close his eyes and keep them open when he was supposed to. His hyperactivity definitely improved over the course of the 2 sessions. He became more focused and attentive. Also during the sessions, one day we noticed he started skipping. Malachi has had therapy for his gross and fine motor skills for years. So we were astounded that he was able to do this. He also learned how to push himself on the swing without assistance. Since the brain training, he has also learned to tie his shoes. These are tremendous steps taken that I believe the brain training helped him make the leap.

Another area of improvement for Malachi has been his awareness of his surrounding and social skills. He has made profound improvements. Prior to brain training, he could not sit down to dinner and interact with the family. He would be looking off, making noises, and having a very difficult time sitting. We would not even take him to the grocery store or out to dinner. Now while we eat, you can see him watching how his siblings interact, how we talk to each other, and then do what he sees others do. This is such a big jump for him. In years past, he was always in his own world, not aware of his surroundings. He did not make eye contact or even acknowledge others unless you made him acknowledge you. Now, his eye contact is much improved. I can watch him absorb the world he is in and become his own person in this world. He also refused to go into the movie theater. Now, he is requesting to go see movies. He is telling me which ones he wants to go see.

Malachi has always had a private tutor for school. In the beginning, to get him to preform simple tasks like write his name or the alphabet was a tremendous effort. Now we are moving to an organized set curriculum. He is able to sit for a good length of time and focus on tasks. I cannot say enough good things about rain training. Living with Malachi has been a process, and I believe that Brain training was one of the tools that have helped him in the thing called Life.

Client: MF

I had already been to Raquel for a week and a 3 day intensive in the past two years and both times felt increased levels of peace and clarity during an extremely difficult time.

I received a concussion a couple of weeks ago from a random incident that caused me to hit the back of my head very hard on the pavement. I went to the ER two times at the recommendation of doctors with concerns about brain bleeds due to the symptoms I was experiencing. There was no brain bleed; however, they did suggest going to a neurologist for rehabilitation if symptoms continued.

I texted Raquel and she suggested coming. As a single mom of 4 and with a lot of preparation for mediation that was a month away, I didn’t think I could make it happen. However, after seeing some testimonials online about brain training and brain concussions, I decided I couldn’t afford not to do this with the potential long term issues of concussions. Thankfully, I was able to find a cheap plane flight and friends provided housing and car rides.

For the 8 days BEFORE brain training:

Headache (at different places in my head at different times)

Extremely tired (in bed almost all day)

Eyes hard to open for long

Brain would get tired of thinking

Poorer impulse control (like with eating junk food, worse temper)

Anxiousness and feeling sad and down symptoms

Mixing up words, or couldn’t think of the right word

Dizzy after standing up

Sensitivity to noise

Sensitivity to bright light

Twitches on the right side of my body

I feel better than I did before the concussion.

Thank you Raquel!!!

Client: LG

I definitely did not think that Brain training would help me – my husband was doing it for his obsessive thoughts/anxiousness and he asked me to do it with him, so I said yes for that reason only. Before BWO, however, I was struggling daily with lack of sleep (mostly due to nursing my 4 month old baby), exhaustion, and inability to stop myself from snacking, eating junk food and loads of sugar. My level of patience with my children was very, very tenuous and I had begun to perceive my more volatile child, my 2 year old, as an enemy-in-combat rather than a little baby girl. My relationship with my husband was very poor as well – I was extremely sensitive to anything he said to me that was negative or might be read in to. I was very easily moved from being okay to being enraged at something he would say or do. In summary, I felt like I was broken, like a broken dish and no matter how much I pep-talked myself and tried to keep control, I couldn’t. During my day, I would routinely break down between 11am and 2pm – and would be unable to think straight or complete anymore tasks or projects. Emotional and physical breakdown right around the corner?

Fast forward to the week after our training together, and the weeks following – wow. My husband and I both returned to daily life hopeful and with some serious decisions for lifestyle changes – particularly a better diet and simplifying our lives rather than running around. The tension in our relationship was lessened and has continued to dissipate each day. We don’t react; we feel like we actually have the presence of mind and self-control to act upon a situation. When we get in an argument, it does not inevitably spiral as it did before – we seem to both get over things more quickly and are certainly not so sensitive. I think for both of us, the most significant change for us was emotional healing from a lot of past hurts.

In addition, I viewed my daughter differently and have been able to have a lot more patience and be less rigorous in my standards and expectations, both for myself and her.

My physical state has changed – I went from not have the energy to take a walk to running on the treadmill for 20 minutes straight just two weeks later! Now I am training for a Marathon relay race in June. My mental clarity is much better and my self-control regarding food and spending money is back! Yay!

Thank you Raquel and Jon – you both were very personal and caring. I believe the training program truly gives real benefits and even more so when you really make better choices afterwards. So far there have been 8 members of my family who have benefited.

Client: MW

The most noticeable change was in my eating habits. Prior to the sessions I was doing a good job of slowly losing weight by eating fewer calories, but I would only put the bare minimum amount of effort into preparing food. After the sessions I not only started eating protein six times a day, I suddenly found plenty of time, energy and interest for upping the quality of the food I was eating. Getting a lot of protein makes it hard to control total calories. It’s possible, but it requires more attention, which I’ve suddenly got. So far, every day since the sessions I’ve felt awesome. There were one or two notable exceptions, but they were only one day each and there was nothing consistent between them. The only thing that’s bothered me is the feeling that I just don’t have enough time to get done all of the things I could do. I would say that I’m definitely better at doing the little things now. Of course I’m triage-ing a lot, but it’s based on carefully balanced priorities, not exhaustion or apathy. I haven’t been measuring it, but I’d say that I’m consuming a lot less media these days. Netflix DVDs sit on my counter for weeks before I watch them and I haven’t even been tempted to start a video game. When I do eventually do something like that I have to be doing something else (constructive) at the same time. I never had a distinct problem with confidence, but I still feel more confident now. Sleep is great. Even when things interfere with a normal schedule it doesn’t impact my mental state during the day. There was definitely a measurable improvement in my workout after starting the sessions, but since I also switched to a high-protein diet I’m assuming that had the greatest impact.

Client: MM

I came to brain training because I had feelings of sadness and feeling down that I could no longer control and that was becoming “weeks” long of feeling sad and down. I felt like I was losing control and couldn’t handle the stresses of my marriage anymore, and take care of my two young sons in a healthy way.

Essentially brain training saved my sanity and gave me the ability to go home and handle the ever increasing problems of my marriage with emotional strong-ness. To be there for my sons and give them the stability and love that will hopefully help them grow strong of character and happy despite everything. It has helped my confidence, and helped me take control of my own happiness, instead of depending on others for it.

Another thing to add onto the testimony is my obsessive dwelling is gone. If I find myself starting to dwell, I can stop it. The exercises throughout the week/sessions are still helpful as well. I am able to let things go easier, hurts, anger…

I am so grateful for the second chance at life. Feeling sad and down is something that I am deathly afraid of now after going through it. The best thing about brain training is it’s a drug free! 🙂

Client: SG

I wanted to thank you personally for some of the changes we are seeing in our 10 year old son Cole! He was having difficulity in school academically and socially. We also knew through different assessments that he has had issues with his eyes and ears working together with his brain (Sensory Processing Disorder).

After completing 10 sessions of brain training his vision has improved significantly! He was seeing 20/200, no depth perception, failed color blindness test as well as the visual field test. No wonder he was having trouble in school. Now he sees 20/20 and passes depth, color blindness, and visual field tests.

He is also making friends and keeping friends for the first time. Neighborhood kids are literally knocking on our door daily asking him to play.

This technology has changed Cole’s life. We are so grateful!

Client: CF

I feel a huge difference in my overall health, spiritual and emotional well-being. I still have a ways to go, but I am working towards that goal.

I also know you were interested in quality of sleep. I am happy to report that training has made a huge, HUGE difference in my sleep. Before I was sleeping all the time, and just barely functioning enough to go to work. Now I sleep soundly throughout the night, and maybe take a nap or two during the week tops. I sometimes still feel a little tired, if I don’t give myself enough time to sleep, but overall I am very impressed with the results and I believe that it could be contributing to me being able to work through some of the other difficult issues I am dealing with now.

Client: KH

When I first met with Raquel at Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) – Your Bridge to Health and Happiness, I was quite a mess. I had suffered for many years from feeling sad and down and acute anxiousness disorder. In the last few years, this state of being began to result in alcohol and prescription pill abuse. This began to take a toll on almost every part of my life. I lost a job that I loved and was fearful of losing my beloved family. I had tried everything.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) program at first, but a friend gave a very promising recommendation after a family member of her’s experienced great success after he had struggled for some time. I decided to give it a try. Am I glad I did! By the third day of training (about 5 sessions), I noticed a considerable difference. A sense of calmness came over me that I had not experienced in years. My cravings for alcohol were all but gone, and I was sleeping much better.

It has been about a month since I finished the sessions, and I have been feeling better every day! I no longer have the need for most all of the feeling sad and down and anxiousness medication that I was taking. My primary care doctor cannot believe the improvement. In fact, all of my friends and family are also amazed.

I believe that brain training makes perfect sense. It is as if my brain has been “enabled” to function the way it is supposed to. What a wonderful feeling to regain control of my life. Thanks a million times over to Raquel for her professional and caring manner. I would recommend her and the program to anyone who might need some help.

Don’t wait – give her a call!!!

Client: SM

After going through the series of sessions using brain training I have noticed a significant increase in my ability to meditate internally and to cast away anything that is a negative impact to my life. My initial reason for wanting to try brain training was my inability to have a good night’s sleep. Being a light sleeper normally made it very hard to get the required rest I needed every day. Working a full time job and having my own fitness studio made for long hours and usually resulted in my being very wired every evening. Since then I have been able to get a well rested and deep sleep at night. I have also noticed that my eyes are not tired from the strain of being up for extended hours. I can simply close them, concentrate and relieve the stress from all the computer work I also perform. Memory is sharper as I no longer have what I would call a “cluttered” mind with everything running together.

My spiritual awareness is much deeper and I am able to just sit and meditate on what life is bringing my way. Through this meditation and a more balanced brain I can clearly envision what paths to take now and what can be put off until later without the thought that I have to complete everything, and by not completing something it is not the end and was never meant to be. The world will not spin backwards and you just keep moving forward. There is a reason for everything and everything has its reason.

For improved physical health/balance, I have seen a change in my energy levels and strength. I recently performed a bench press after not having performed one in over a year and noticed a 29% increase. I attribute this to the minds ability to provide an even clearer picture of what I wanted to accomplish.

Thanks to Raquel Younglove and brain training, I am achieving more goals and maintaining a calmer outlook on life.

Client: LB

I would highly recommend Raquel’s brain training to anyone wishing to make significant changes in their life. I had extremely ingrained beliefs that I tried to resolve for 10 years in therapy, using EMDR and with prescription drugs. None of these approaches solved the problems.

After my sessions with Raquel, I was finally able to release all of these issues. Since these issues were so ingrained (my psychiatrist mentioned they would be extremely difficult to overcome) it is a miracle they are gone. Even issues that were not on my agenda to resolve have been released! In addition, I used to think obsessively about some things, and with just four sessions this has been resolved. I am no longer down or anxious. These issues were very stressful so finally being able to release them was a godsend. I am a much healthier person now that I have had services.

I am very grateful to be able to move beyond these problems and would recommend Raquel to anyone wishing to resolve any issues.

Client: NL


I think about you often and remember my peaceful experience in Colorado with great joy. I am actually doing very well and getting ready to make some major life changes.

After I left you I definitely could tell a difference in my general outlook and overall attitude. I seem to have a calm surround me that I have not known in many years. My decision making is more precise and level of alertness and ability to be present in the moments of each day is drastically improved.

There is something else which is difficult to explain. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I seem to have really shifted from my old rigid patterns and appear to be much more “footloose and fancy free”. This is significant because most of my life I have always had to have a plan, know exactly what was mapped out ahead of me and would worry myself to death if there was even a hint of uncertainty. I lived and died by the daily planner and to get off schedule was a grave offense in my well directed days. Even reading those words now make me cringe at how regimented I was with everything including the minimal amount of time I allowed myself to relax. Truth be told, I didn’t know how to just “be”.

Here’s the interesting thing, I am in the middle of transitioning jobs, completely changing my career path, going back to school and moving across country again, and to the amazement of myself and just about everyone around me, I remain calm, cool and collected without a worry in the world. My faith could move mountains. I now know that everything will be ok despite having zero certainties ahead of me. This is living!

I did sort of a purging when I returned from Colorado. I cleaned out and began packing. I’ve done this many times over the years. Only this time it was different. I realized how very few “things” I needed to really function each day. In the past three months, I have minimized in every area of my life and now feel like I have “more” than I ever had before. By more I mean in the way of time for myself, more confidence, a clearer way forward, even if I don’t know exactly what is ahead of me I feel good things and abundance all around.

I can say with absolute confidence that my time spent doing brain training training has enhanced the quality of my life and has allowed me the experience of regaining a peace of mind I thought would always be just outside my reach.

Raquel I can’t thank you enough. Please feel free to share my testimony with all. I am hoping to come and see you again in the next year if all works out.

Client: LW

Raquel: When I first started brain training, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. I will say that you answered all of the questions that I had. Your knowledge is fantastic. You made me feel very special, which is a breath of fresh air and something that one doesn’t get at most facilities. I started a candida yeast cleanse after receiving 15 trainings with you. This is not an easy cleanse to do. There is no sugar, pork, grains, nuts, alcohol, starches, artificial sweeteners, dairy. So you can see I had to learn how to eat in a completely different way. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have never succeeded without the 15 sessions of the brain training. Something else that I noticed that there is less confusion in my thinking, more clarity in my daily life. I am looking forward to returning to your facility and receiving some more conditioning.

I am so very thankful that you decided to become a technician, Raquel, you are the best and I really mean that.

Take care and God Bless You.

Client: AB

I’m a former Captain of U.S. Marines from the Gulf War era. This is an unsolicited testimonial to the profound benefits of brain training in helping me manage post traumatic stress and brain injury. I’ve lived most of my post military life in such a state of hyper-vigilance that it has made being productive, self-care, much less enjoying life’s sweeter things like relationship very difficult. Raquel’s services have brought significant relief. I have a much greater grounding in clarity, silence, and stillness and see that down-regulating my own nervous system is not always easy, but it is my choice.

The passing of my father and the end of another relationship put a huge strain on my system. Raquel Younglove and services showed up in my life right on time to make these transitions more graceful. Raquel’s warmth and clarity is very healing to be around and her professionalism makes scheduling sessions and completing them smooth and easy.

I believe Raquel’s services can benefit everyone and highly recommend it for veterans struggling to manage the miserably chaotic symptoms of post-traumatic stress and/or brain injury.

Semper Fidelis,

Client: WS

I am a 21 year old college student from Glenwood Springs, CO. When I was 19 I started having severe anxiousness, which overtime turned into major feeling sad and down. I stopped going to class and handing in work because I was having so panicky and anxious moments. My worrying was so bad that I was unable to sleep for 2 weeks. I had to withdraw and come home because I couldn’t function at all in school or social situations.

Over the last year and a half my family and I have tried everything to try and get me back on track. Medication, counseling, emotional freedom therapy, trama release exercise and EMDR. All of these things either didn’t work at all or only lasted for a few weeks and then I was back in the dumps again. My father heard about brain training through a friend of his and we went down to Colorado Springs for a week session. I felt instantly better after the first 2 hour session!!! it was a miracle!!!. And it just got better after the days went on.

After the initial assessment we tried to figure out what was the cause of this sudden change that happened in my life. Raquel asked me if I had had any head traumas to either side of my head. I started listing where I had been hit in the head after each of my concussion and realized that all three had happened because I hit the left side of my head. We also realized that the last concussion I had was a few weeks before everything started going really bad for me. It was great to figure out the cause or leading factor that lead to this all happening.

I have been better than ever since my week session of brain training 3 months ago. I haven’t felt down at all and haven’t had panic moments since!! I started volunteering at my high school teaching math and I really enjoy it. I am going to go back to school this next semester and study Math for Secondary Education. Everything is just falling into place it is wonderful!
The success hasn’t just been mine either. Since I did brain training several of my family and friends have also done it and experienced similar life changing improvements after brain training.

I thank God for this miracle training, and Raquel for being such a kind, understanding, and knowledgeable brain technologist.

Client: BZ

Unfortunately, I have had feelings of being sad and down issues and have been on medication and engaged in talk therapy since the age of 20. I was introduced to brain training through several friends who saw that those methods were not working and I was getting worse. They felt brain training would give me the help I needed and had been searching for.

After going online I chose to work with Raquel. After seeing her picture and reading her background I felt an instant connection that she was the right choice for me. I completed a one week “intensive” but did not feel the effects until almost 3 weeks later. It was as though a cloud had lifted. I continue to be amazed by my overall mood, interactions and clarity of mind – and the list continues to grow. I cannot wait to share what I’ve experienced and learned with everyone who wants a better life.

Client: CS

I feel the brain training sessions, with you, improved the overall quality of my life. I have noticed an impressive increase in my ability to concentrate on conversations. I feel very focused, as if my complete attention is with my children or grandchildren, when I am with or talking to them. This focus feels effortless and the outcome has been a deeper more genuine and enriched connection with both my daughters and grandchildren. I honestly didn’t think these relationships could get much better.

My overall well-being has improved and continues to improve daily. I feel that my spiritual well-being was elevated as a result of my brain training sessions with Raquel.

With Sincere Gratitude and Optimism,

Client: MK

I have had issues with anxiousness, feeling sad and down and feeling overwhelmed with my life on and off for many years. I had lost my passion for life and the motivation to succeed and finish even small goals or tasks I had set for myself. I was especially struggling in my new marriage of 5 years, feeling hopeless and unsure of the future.

After completing my first 10 sessions I began to feel more relaxed, less confused and happier than I had felt most my life. I felt I could make decisions easier, felt hope for my marriage and for the first time in my marriage felt I could express my feelings honestly and without all the heightened emotions I had dealt with in the past. I feel more focused and am able to relax more than I have in years.

Brain training has helped me more than any counseling session or program I have completed in the past.

Raquel Younglove was very professional and compassionate with me through the whole process, and I would recommend Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”) to anyone who desires to be free from feeling sad and down, or is lacking motivation or focus, or who is dealing with addiction or fears.

Client: PC

My life has been described as being colorful, much like everyone else’s; there have been extremely good times and some extremely bad times. Although I was receiving counseling for past emotional and physical trauma and had many tools to work with in difficult times, there were still some things I could not let go of. Actually, I felt those things would not let go of me. I needed to focus and take things one step at a time, but I still felt I was not being efficient and being distracted often. Because of the distractions and the inability to stay focused, mistakes happened. I was unable to process and make up my mind causing doubt and sometimes pain from my decisions.

I have come along with the right counseling and brain training enhanced my functional and healthy thought processes. I feel that things are not in such a crisis as before. Unforeseeable events take place in everyone’s life and decisions have to be made. Brain training allows me to use my tools so that I can make more focused and conscious choices in my life and be happy.

Thank You,

Client: RE

When I did brain training, I was at the end of my rope with trying to accomplish my deepest desires for my spiritual and material life. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get out of negative thinking, self judgment and feelings of unworthiness. I felt like my life was a waste.

Since the training, I am in control of my thoughts, and therefore the negative judgments and outcomes are no longer running me. The changes in some ways seem subtle, almost like I can’t even believe I was stuck in so much absurdity before, but I know I was because I have journals that expressed where I was at with my ability to change negative patterns and behaviors. It truly is a feeling of being more balanced.

Client: NC

Dear Raquel,

Thank you so much for sensitive work with the brain training program. I feel that all my goals were met in a great degree including a few extras which I didn’t expect ! You are a joy to work with!

Some of the benefits I experienced: less identification in general…for example…instead of being thrown into a full blown panic I have some distance now; instead of jumping to conclusions and/or’ expecting the worst’ I question the negative belief pattern; in a nutshell it feels like the brain training gave me a kind of ‘reality check thermostat’. If I start to get distracted/confused when too many tasks are looming I can step back, slow down and ask ‘what is the priority here’; This has created a more peaceful existence for me and hopefully others around me as well. I am also more satisfied eating appropriately and less addicted to large amounts of sugar. It feels like these unconscious patterns in all areas have been lessened.

Since I last saw you many good things have occurred: A proposal for a grant came through after several months of preparation, inner turmoil, and struggle. I’ve taken steps to regain better health and am inspired to continue.

My work has been increasing which in turn has me less dependent on others. I feel, generally, less caught in the survival fears. I am also able to catch myself getting stressed…and going into a downward spiral with negative thinking. I very much appreciated your presence in doing this work.

I would love to come back!

Blessings your way Raquel!

N.C. Aspen, Colorado

I am back from Florida and life is rather busy right now. I will tell you that I have been functioning from a place of “The Universe is Friendly” for several weeks now and I find myself feeling so filled with gratitude and general happiness. I am optimistic about having a healthy, slim and flexible body. Life is good. Thank you so much, I tell friends about you. When the time is right I might have another round of sessions.

Sending you and your Little Man a Big Hug!

Client: JB

I’m very happy to share my experience with Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”). I must admit when I first walked into your office I didn’t know for sure what I was getting into. However, I sensed right off that your heart was sincere and that you are truly trying to help people with whatever their particular needs might be. I was especially impressed with the soothing, calming environment that you provide to put people at ease when entering the unknown. You explained completely and thoroughly what I could possibly expect from each session. The most profound result I have noticed since returning home is my energy level has skyrocketed. Allen and I embarked on a cleanse and diet protocol with a dogged determination and commitment level like never before! Before our sessions with you it was always such a struggle with little or no success. I’m excited to report that to date Allen has lost 16 pounds and I have lost 12 pounds! At 55 years old I feel like I have my second wind with endless possibilities for the future! I’m anxious to visit you again soon. Thank you for providing help in a caring, compassionate way. Sending a big hug! Many Rich Blessings,

Client: MB

Throughout the journey of discovering who I am, I’ve encountered many challenges. Among those challenges, the greatest struggles have been with feeling sad and down and anxiousness which externalized into the biggest struggle of all, addiction. Of all the ways I’ve tried to arrest these problems, the route I took before getting brain training was definitely complex yet unsuccessful. I tried a combination of therapy and medication through my mental health doctor, an intensive outpatient program with methadone, and an NA program on the side, all simultaneously. It all seemed to decrease my anxiousness and stress externally while increasing it internally, leaving me temporarily okay.

It was not until I found brain training that the origin of my problems were all addressed and resolved. Brain training helped me realize that even with all the will power in the world, an unbalanced brain causes an extreme amount of resistance towards fighting the things it was conditioned to do through stress, trauma, and drug use. Overall, brain training has helped my body learn how to release fear, stress, and anxiousness as it’s initially coming, in turn making me more productive in my day-to-day life because I no longer feel like I have mental paralysis. It really does teach your brain how to tell the body to recover faster and more efficiently. I sleep better, exercise more, and laugh a lot easier now that aspects of my brain like serotonin and any other thing that was unbalanced is now in healthy proportion.

Brain training has definitely helped me with communication. I hardly ever get into arguments with my family or feel like raising my voice is my only option because I always felt like I was in survival mode. I can see way more of the actual meaning behind people’s words now than before when I was cloudy, and in terms of expressing myself, I am way more focused and succinct. Yet another great thing that I pulled out of the brain training was that I don’t overanalyze and microscope everything in my life that happens to me or is going on around me, which is ironic because I can see way more now about things that were going on for years with myself and in situations that I never could see before. My brain works nowhere near as hard to help me achieve much more.

With my addiction alone, the brain training helped me get off methadone successfully which people can take up to six months to withdraw from alone, and that’s just the withdrawal end of it. I was able to quit smoking marijuana after smoking it daily for years and years. I quit using opiates which my addiction was mainly attached to after it being tremendously hard for so long to quit. My cravings no longer grabbed at me and were so easy to not identify with and let float on by until eventually the cravings were less and less and less. Brain training made it a whole new ball game with my addiction. It no longer controlled me. I could control it, until there was nothing left to control because my body and brain automatically took care of any craving or momentary urge almost subconsciously on a day it might’ve come up, so my addiction felt like a completely different problem with a completely different name, and felt more like a fly I could brush off rather than a leech I needed to surgically remove. All in all, no matter what stressful thing that has happened to me or whatever turmoil my life might be in at any moment, I can always find a place inside of myself that I can find peace, be serene, and will always know that I am okay, which I believe everyone should have.

Client: KB

Before starting sessions with Breakthrough Neurofeedback (formerly “The Optimized Brain”), I was depressed and had been for nearly two years. I could not sleep, was unproductive, unmotivated and could not snap out of it after going through a very difficult divorce. Since doing sessions, I am no longer feeling down, what used to take me three days to get done, I now get done in three hours. My sleep has more than doubled. I feel hopeful, I feel happy. “Things” don’t bother me, they just roll off. I don’t feel stressed by things anymore. Working with Raquel Younglove utilizing brain training has completely changed my daily quality of life. I’m so much more productive, alive, focused, hopeful and motivated.

Client: DM

I came to brain training because I had feelings of sadness and feeling down that I could no longer control and that was becoming “weeks” long of feeling sad and down. I felt like I was losing control and couldn’t handle the stresses of my marriage anymore, and take care of my two young sons in a healthy way.

Essentially brain training saved my sanity and gave me the ability to go home and handle the ever increasing problems of my marriage with emotional strong-ness. To be there for my sons and give them the stability and love that will hopefully help them grow strong of character and happy despite everything. It has helped my confidence, and helped me take control of my own happiness, instead of depending on others for it.

Another thing to add onto the testimony is my obsessive dwelling is gone. If I find myself starting to dwell, I can stop it. The exercises throughout the week/sessions are still helpful as well. I am able to let things go easier, hurts, anger…

I am so grateful for the second chance at life. Feeling sad and down is something that I am deathly afraid of now after going through it. The best thing about brain training is it’s a drug free! 🙂

Client: SG


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