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Parents. Partners. Colleagues. Moving relationships from disconnect and combat to connection and teamwork
We all know how challenging and complex life is, with demands and distractions in every direction. Add to it how complex each of us is as individuals. Trying to understand ourselves, navigate intimate and family relationships, parenting, not to mention day-to-day life, and tackle career goals and dreams can be overwhelming, confusing and exhausting.


Most often in relationship, we are looking outward for what we want or expect others to do.

But we need to divert our eyes inward to recognize that the power to create what we desire is within us. Raquel’s passion and gift is to help individuals and families break through the barriers in their way of living in connection, harmony and joy!

How are things working for you?

Are your actions and interactions taking you toward what you want or away from what you want? Are there areas where you feel like you are a foreigner in a land that you are constantly struggling to find your way in? Do you wish you were closer to your loved ones, felt more seen or heard, could have the harder conversations more easily? Raquel Younglove can help. You will gain insight, clarity, and understanding, and then support in identifying strategies unique to you and the key people in your life that will set your relationships up for success! Taking that full circle to the big picture, learning how to connect and maintain peace even in the hard moments, will affect generations to come.


Raquel Younglove will help the walls drop and connection begin

True progress and health come from accepting all the parts of oneself, and not trying to deny certain parts or pretend they don’t exist. Freedom is in acknowledging, accepting and working with who we truly are and who those we are in relationship truly are. Breaking Barriers Coaching will help you learn skills that will help you move towards what you want in life and relationships. It is possible to effect massive change in our relationships through non-confrontational, loving communication, that provides empathy and understanding to self and loved ones, and offers solutions that honor all.

Turn Around Any Relationship in Your Life, Including Your Relationship with Yourself

We must truly take the time to understand ourselves before we can expect others to meet our needs

If you feel a disconnect in your relationships, it’s likely that someone has basic core needs that are not being met.  No matter what relationship dynamic it is, you will learn critical questions to ask yourself and others to set your relationships up for mutual honoring and connection.

What labels are you living under and placing on others?

We will evaluate the beliefs you have about yourself, life and relationships to identify patterns likely standing in the way of truly enjoying relationships.

Be curious. Be open to learning and seek to understand.

We each process events around us through the lens of our perspective, dependent on what our life experiences have been.  When we place our perspective on other’s actions or inactions, it is often the recipe for major discord.  Learn how to communicate in a way that gets to the truth for self and others.

It’s all about perspective

Be careful here.  Your life experiences shape your perspective.  The stories our brains make about others are often untrue.  Learn how to put on the brakes and make sure you get informed before you react and potentially attack.

Check your expectations

If your relationship is struggling, it is possible your expectations are causing some difficulty.  We will work together to help you better see the dynamic happening here and turn it into a healthy space.

Assumptions, triggers, heated emotions, “Oh no!”

Breaking Barriers will help you learn the Fight Rules that are right for you and your particular relationships, so you can protect your relationship and have even the hardest conversations without creating damage.

It’s all in the timing

Glean insight into the critical role that timing plays, and how it can make or break connection.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all.  We will dig deeper, and even this one piece will significantly change your day-to-day experiences.


Whether you want to improve your mental health or physical wellbeing, let me guide you. As a professional life mastery coach and strategist, I’d be honored to share your road to recovery, discovery, and health, so let’s take the first step together today. Reach out to me when you’re ready, and I’ll be here to guide you with compassion, clarity, and confidence.

I've been able to maintain an amazing 95% success rate that’s based on the positive and grateful feedback of my beloved clients.

I have more than 15 years of experience and more than 35,000 hours of working with clients. When I say I’ve put in the work as a life mastery strategist, I mean it!

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Breaking Barriers Coaching will provide you with various tools and strategies that will help you better understand yourself and how to care for yourself. You'll learn how to create healthy boundaries, set realistic goals, and manage your stress levels.

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Quality of life comes from living in wholeness, not pouring into one or two areas, and neglecting others. Without care and contribution to all areas, there cannot be wholeness, there cannot be balance. So many solutions in our world today are either exhausting, unsustainable, or so complex and time consuming, so we then begin to neglect other areas of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it is your meal plan, your workouts, your relationship, your finances, time for rest and relax, family and friends, or keeping your brain strong and healthy, Breaking Barriers has tried and true processes that allow you to fully invest in all areas of life in simplified, effective, efficient ways that lead to a feeling of fulfillment, accomplishment and connection each day. We never know if we have tomorrow or even the rest of the day. I don’t know about you, but I find tremendous freedom living by the philosophy of “No Regrets!” Whether it's for our relationships, our finances, our job performance, making our home a sanctuary, or taking care of our health today in ways that our future self will thank us for later!

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