Self-discovery is critical for happiness and fulfillment in any area of life.

Breakthrough to the Warrior Within You! Experience increased emotional intelligence so you can experience new perspectives, decreased conflict, regret and disconnect, and increased peace, connection and fulfillment. Discover the needs within you that you don’t even realize are driving you (they are typically driving our triggers). Awareness and understanding of self and those around us are essential to experiencing a life of joy, health and fulfillment.


Set yourself up for success.

True solutions are short, sweet, and simple, and with consistency lead to success. Everyone has the potential for greatness, and that includes you. The mission of Breaking Barriers Coaching is to help you get back to your authentic self, so you can begin to live a life in flow with who you truly are. Whether you're looking to improve your self-awareness, find more peace and happiness in your life, turn huge dreams into everyday reality, or learn how to take care of yourself, we can help you break through to an inner world that is self-assured, clear-minded, strong, and empowering.

Your success story begins with going deeper to better understand yourself.

Growing up, our environment and the people in it formed our beliefs and perceptions of the world. And incredibly often, we then just follow that line into how we design our lives as adults. However, as is more evident than ever, that's not working for most of us. Depression, anxiety, divorce, disconnect with our kids, going to a job that we don't feel good about, overwhelm from living beyond our means, lack of sleep, and the list goes on. When we discover who we are, before the world around us formed us, is when we can finally soar and have joy, not fleeting happiness, but true inner joy not dependent on "things." When we begin to better understand ourselves, we can also do a better job communicating our needs to our partners, and even become more aware and supportive of helping our kids step into their true nature.


Achieve total wellness


Mental self-care cannot be stressed enough. Learn how to guard your mind and declutter your mind. Identify the most powerful source for you to create a strong mindset going into your day.


Cultivating emotional intelligence helps to more appropriately process situations, feelings and thoughts.  In doing so, we can more accurately assess what is happening in ourselves and those around us. 


Nutrition, physical activity, and the energy we receive from our environment play a monumental role in quality of life and health. Learn simple techniques for fueling your body properly, identifying physical activity you will crave doing, all while clearing stress, anxiety and irritability.


No two people experience spirituality in the same way. We’ll uncover what works for you to tap into that quiet space within you that helps ground you, while also cultivating inner strength and calm.


Learn how to take charge and create connection and balance in relationships. You’ll discover foundational skills that will be game changers to end miscommunication, disconnect and blowups.


Become aware of the role your childhood experiences play in how you respond to finances. We’ll uncover the ideal financial plan for you to have fulfillment in the present, while still planning for the future.

Life Purpose

For many, identifying life purpose is one of life’s hardest questions. Breaking Barriers Coaching will help you gain clarity on multiple levels, so you can finally identify your life purpose and the action steps needed to bring it to life.


Whether you want to improve your mental health or physical wellbeing, let me guide you. As a professional life mastery coach and strategist, I’d be honored to share your road to recovery, discovery, and health, so let’s take the first step together today. Reach out to me when you’re ready, and I’ll be here to guide you with compassion, clarity, and confidence.

I've been able to maintain an amazing 95% success rate that’s based on the positive and grateful feedback of my beloved clients.

I have more than 15 years of experience and more than 35,000 hours of working with clients. When I say I’ve put in the work as a life mastery strategist, I mean it!

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Breaking Barriers Coaching will provide you with various tools and strategies that will help you better understand yourself and how to care for yourself. You'll learn how to stop dieting, get fit, be comfortable setting boundaries, consistently take action toward your goals, and manage your stress levels.

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To take your life to a NEW level.

Strategies That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Life

Quality of life comes from living in wholeness, not pouring into one or two areas, and neglecting others. Without care and contribution to all areas, there cannot be wholeness, there cannot be balance. So many solutions in our world today are either exhausting, unsustainable, or so complex and time consuming, so we then begin to neglect other areas of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it is your meal plan, your workouts, your relationship, your finances, time for rest and relax, family and friends, or keeping your brain strong and healthy, Breaking Barriers has tried and true processes that allow you to fully invest in all areas of life in simplified, effective, efficient ways that lead to a feeling of fulfillment, accomplishment and connection each day. We never know if we have tomorrow or even the rest of the day. I don’t know about you, but I find tremendous freedom living by the philosophy of “No Regrets!” Whether it's for our relationships, our finances, our job performance, making our home a sanctuary, or taking care of our health today in ways that our future self will thank us for later!

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