Time Management

Prioritizing and Organizing Time Around You
Wouldn't it be nice to live the hours of your life to the fullest and maximize every minute? Now that Breaking Barriers Coaching has helped you identify self-care, a financial freedom plan that fits who you truly are, life purpose and goals, and even relationship success strategies, let’s get your world setup so you can consistently take action steps that create progress and thriving in each area.

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We all have limited time

Most people don't know how to best use time to achieve their ultimate goals or even daily tasks. We all have limited time. How we use our daily lives is the key to fulfillment and success (success as defined by each individual). Mastering life management skills will help you be more efficient, help you be consistent in daily tasks, and open up time for all the extras you feel like it's impossible to fit in. We can each be incredibly self-motivated and determined, but if we aren’t clear, consist, and we are trying to work against our peak states, then procrastination, overwhelm and discouragement usually always win.

Time is the one thing you can never get back, use it wisely

What the masses, rich and famous, are doing likely isn't what will work for you. It's one thing to have a plan, but to set life and time management up so that you can actually accomplish the steps and still like your life is a completely different story! Your struggle can end. Breaking Barriers Coaching will share proprietary time management strategies that will help you organize life around "you" so you can still love your life, whether doing the things you love or the tasks you like the least.

Create life you do not need a vacation from

Learn life management skills that allow each day to end with "No Regrets"

Identify goals

What do you need to do? What action must you take to reach your outcome?  We will help you with proprietary time management insight that no one else has even identified.

Become a master of your time

Take control of your time so you can manage your life in a way that brings confidence, progress and joy greater than you’ve ever imagined.

Set up time so you can love your life

Implementing life management strategies reduces stress and overwhelm.

Looking more deeply at what gives us energy and what leaves us feeling drained

Gain focus and clarity about what is good for you, and what is actually depleting you and taking you away from enjoying life.

Let’s chunk it down

Identify how to break down your goals into bite-size pieces that reduce overwhelm, create continual encouragement and increase success.

We can’t expect to organize our environment if our internal world is chaos

Identify how to declutter your mind and space so you can be more efficient, less stressed, and add hours to your days.

Do you find yourself exhausted and resentful because you are doing most of the tasks in your world?

Learn how to set your world up so that others truly “can help”.  We will identify “why” it’s hard to get help from others and help you implement changes that will set everyone up for success as a team.

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Glasses concepts.

Whether you want to improve your mental health or physical wellbeing, let me guide you. As a professional life mastery coach and strategist, I’d be honored to share your road to recovery, discovery, and health, so let’s take the first step together today. Reach out to me when you’re ready, and I’ll be here to guide you with compassion, clarity, and confidence.

I've been able to maintain an amazing 95% success rate that’s based on the positive and grateful feedback of my beloved clients.

I have more than 15 years of experience and more than 35,000 hours of working with clients. When I say I’ve put in the work as a life mastery strategist, I mean it!

More About Us

Breaking Barriers Coaching will provide you with various tools and strategies that will help you better understand yourself and how to care for yourself. You'll learn how to create healthy boundaries, set realistic goals, and manage your stress levels.

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To take your life to a NEW level.

Strategies That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Life

Quality of life comes from living in wholeness, not pouring into one or two areas, and neglecting others. Without care and contribution to all areas, there cannot be wholeness, there cannot be balance. So many solutions in our world today are either exhausting, unsustainable, or so complex and time consuming, so we then begin to neglect other areas of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it is your meal plan, your workouts, your relationship, your finances, time for rest and relax, family and friends, or keeping your brain strong and healthy, Breaking Barriers has tried and true processes that allow you to fully invest in all areas of life in simplified, effective, efficient ways that lead to a feeling of fulfillment, accomplishment and connection each day. We never know if we have tomorrow or even the rest of the day. I don’t know about you, but I find tremendous freedom living by the philosophy of “No Regrets!” Whether it's for our relationships, our finances, our job performance, making our home a sanctuary, or taking care of our health today in ways that our future self will thank us for later!

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